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About HW South West Care Ltd

Who is HW South West Care Ltd and what is our mission?

We are a team that is dedicated and passionate about providing the best quality of care. Both Suzie and Jemima have over 40 years between them working in the care industry from working in hospitals, domiciliary, care/nursing homes, EMI units and running a care franchise, there is no aspect of care they haven't got experience in.


They know exactly what they want to achieve with HW South West Care Ltd, and what difference they want to make in the care industry. Paramount is the quality of care that is provided in establishments, and to help to achieve or remain at a high standard with the CQC whilst building trusted partnerships. 


Throughout COVID 19 both Suzie, Jemima, and their amazing team worked safely around the clock in COVID wards in hospitals and home care. Their dedication and support never wavered and their mission is to continue providing an outstanding service. 

We want to build a team of professionals who have the same attitude, high standards and commitment to the care industry.